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Taxes And Coverdale Education IRAs

When considering which type of savings plan you would like to start for your child's education, you should consider how the plan will affect your taxes. You need to know whether the contributions will be taxed and when, whether any earnings will be taxed, and whether the distributions from the account will be taxed and at whose tax rate they will be taxed. With the Coverdale Education Ira you can avoid having to pay taxes on earnings and at distribution if you follow certain rules.

With the Coverdale Education Ira, any contributions that you make to the IRA will still be taxed. There aren't any tax savings available for making contributions. The tax benefits for this type of plan come in the future when the money grows in the account and when your child starts college and begins to use the money.

The money that is earned on the money that is deposited in these accounts is not taxed while the money is still left in the account. As long as the earnings are still in the Coverdale Education Ira there is no need to pay tax on them.

If you would like to totally avoid paying taxes on the earnings of a Coverdale Education Ira, the money must be used by the beneficiary only on qualified educational expenses. Any withdrawals that are more than those needed to cover educational expenses will result in the earnings portion of the withdrawal being taxed at the student's tax rate, with an extra ten percent fee charged due to the money not being used as intended.

If a child does not go to college, or does not use all the money in the Education IRA by their thirtieth birthday, the leftover funds can either be withdrawn (with a result that the taxes on earnings and the ten percent additional fee will need to be paid) or they can be rolled over into the account of another relative who is under thirty with no taxes or fees.

Other than in the case of distributions that are higher than qualified expenses discussed above, or the withdrawal of money for other purposes should the child decide not to go to college and not to roll over the money to another Education IRA for a relative, there is no tax bill for the distributions made from Education IRAs. This means that it is possible to have this kind of savings account and only pay taxes on the contributions made to the account.


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